Home Staging Tip

Here are some handy dandy household uses for dryer sheets.  Some would be quite helpful for quick clean ups when showing your home.

1. Freshen smelly shoes. Insert a dryer sheet into the offending pair and let sit overnight. 
2. Remove static from clothing, hair, TV screens, and computer monitors. Wipe the surface with a sheet. 
3. Clean pet hair from the floor or furniture. Rub a dryer sheet over the spot where Fluffy left her fur. 
4. Replace a sachet. Keep a dresser drawer smelling fresh and clean by placing a dryer sheet on the bottom of it. 
5. Loosen caked-on food from a pan. Place a fresh sheet in the bottom of a dirty pan, fill with lukewarm tap water, and let sit in the sink overnight. The pan will be easier to clean in the morning. 
6. Tackle suitcase and gym-bag odors. Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase or gym bag so your clean clothes won’t take on the odors of the dirty ones. 
7. Prevent old books from smelling musty when in storage.Stick a dryer sheet between the pages of your beloved copy of Pride and Prejudice. 
8. Wipe up sawdust after working in the garage. Rub a dryer sheet over the fine wood particles. 
9. Prevent thread from tangling when sewing. Run a threaded needle through a dryer sheet right before you begin your handiwork. 
10. Dust venetian blinds. Close the blinds, then wipe up and down with a dryer sheet.

credit: www.realsimple.com

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