3 Mike Levels

Sometimes he's serious:

Other times, you can break through the serious and get a chuckle:

And those that really know him break all the way through to this:

Focusing on Angels [I Heart Faces]

Embarrassing post script note:   I CLEARLY am a few tacos short of a combo plate....I thought the theme was ANGELS not ANGLES...........WHOOPS!   Oh well, I guess that I could argue that I was at a "straight angle" - LOL.   Sorry guys...maybe I should spend less time on photoshop tutorials on more time on spelling work.    

The original content from this post follows:

This week over at I Heart Faces the theme is "Focusing on Angels". I wasn't sure if our subjects were supposed to be focusing on angels, or my camera needed to be focusing on angels. In my opinion, both are happening here!

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Bird House

First Impressions Count!

The first step in our staging philosophy is first impressions.

What is the first impression when someone pulls up to your home?

Is the yard picked up, fresh paint on the house and/or front door, no debris in the yard? This determines if buyers will get out of the car or continue on by.

What is the first impression when you step into the home?

Is it cluttered? Do you have outdated lighting such as gold or brass fixtures? Are there backpacks and sneakers and a catch-all clutter place front and center? People form an impression in 15 seconds. Make sure it's a good one.

What is the first impression as you go into each room? Turn a corner? Open a door? When we stage we look at ALL rooms to ensure the first impression is a great one and the home flows well.

Lisa Ryan, Owner
Smart Move Design
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Serving Syracuse, NY and surrounding areas

Home Staging Philosphy

I attended a lecture this past Thursday given by author and architect, Sarah Susanka, on The Not So Big House. I love her thoughts on what makes a place feel like home.

As an HSR certified home stager we use an 8 step philosophy to stage homes called "Feel Home". During the lecture I could find many correlations between the way we stage a home and the way she designs.

When Sarah designs a home she designs with these attributes:

Beauty and Balance
Home as Sanctuary
Well Being
Details Make it Personal

Each week I will post one of the eight "Feel Home" steps we use when staging homes. First step will be on Monday.
To learn more about Sarah Susanka and The Not So Big Home click here