Photo Walk :: Good Tidings

Spending the holiday season with my family in Texas.   There's nothing like being at my Mom's house during this time of year.  I'm surrounded by Christmas decor from many years past alongside those things that have been added to her collection after I left home so many years ago.     There's alot of nostalgia there for me...stories and memories that fill each room of the house.   I decided to take a little "photo walk" around the house...

May the PEACE of this season be with you!!

On Location :: Holiday CHEER!!

The holidays are upon us....all the decorations, the chill in the air, hot cocoa and candy canes. And, of course, precious children in cute holiday outfits! Can you even resist?

I had a joyful time photographing this family amongst the fun Christmas decor. I love photographing anything against the lights of a Christmas tree and super cute children are no exception.

Of course, I was slightly distracted by the little man's big gooey cheeks.  

Wishing you a merry, happy, gooey Christmas!


Design Services :: Ho, Ho, Ho

Tis the season to be jolly when you get your own Christmas postcard designed by AFH.

This is actually an adoption announcement - but still an AFH design!

The "Forever Ours" phrase was given to me by the Mom of these children - can't take credit for that, but I sure love it!


On Location :: Nature Calls

Meet a family that appreciates nature!  Forget props and fake backgrounds, these guys wanted to climb rocks and hike paths.   With a $1400 lens on my camera, I went as far as I could down that extra mile, but I think the shots still came out great!

This little guy was every photographers dream....he would sit for an hour with a sweet little smile on his face if I asked him to!   To make it slightly more interesting, I had little man recite all the Presidents of the US for me.   And he did....

Modern Home Design by Chen + Suchart Studio

Situated on the outskirts of downtown Tempe, home emit aesthetics industry. This is a modern home design called Sosnowski designed by Chen + Suchart Studio in Tempe, Arizona. A pronounced steel frame is built from the I-beam is a framework for volume up, which sits on the foundation of concrete blocks. The fa├žade of the upper level consists of a serious window of the issued and natural weathering corrugated steel panels. Interior concrete floor mate, open ductwork, and light industry to create an atmosphere like an attic.

While pretending to industry, Residence Sosnowski remain habitable and inviting thanks to the main meeting room on the ground floor that combines living, dining and kitchen areas into one space that is fully open to the surrounding city and desert.