Mungle Contemporary Office Desk

Unique design office desk.
Office Desks
Contemporary through its bold design, the Mungle Office Desk by Greek designer Dimitrios Tsigos is a sleek interpretation of forms and geometry. Using a digital design technique, the designers were able to create intricate designs with the help of simple elements.

Rainbow Desk: Design of a Wood Desk

Desk design examples of some types of wood. desk like a classic design.

Made from a combination of walnut, sycamore, elm, oak and yew, the Rainbow Desk gathers a beautiful collection of wood types in a single desk. Designed by the furniture artist Allan Lake, the Rainbow office desk celebrates the diversity of British native hardwoods. Four layered legs support the beautifully crafted workspace.

Furniture: VU.VU.VU. Computer Desk

Design computer desk designed by Ballabio. Home computer desk design. Elli, the VU.VU.VU. Computer Desk is made from multi-layer plywood. A suspended wood structure is Prepared to store your PC and the desk Also has CD / CDRom / DVD space and extractable drawer for a PC keyboard. A practical desk, the VU.VU.VU comes in Wenge and oak wood, with a chromed aluminum base structure.

Design Computer Desk

In The Studio :: Glam 2011

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Kidney Shaped Office Desk Elegant

Design table with a strange name. The Kidney shaped desk is Actually an Elegant Addition to any office. It could be to the Home Office Desk.

Designer John Wiggers explains his inspiration:”The curvilinear shape and exacting dimensions of this award-winning desk are carefully proportioned to be consistent with the holistic design principles of Feng Shui and the Vastu Shastra of the ancient Vedic tradition in India.”

Simple Desk Design by I-Con Arco

Design a simple table and looks slim. With a cabinet with 3 drawers. A seamless drawer adds to the contemporary feel of this desk and this puts a visual accent in the spotlight.

The I-Con Desk by Arco has a solid wood (oak or American walnut) work surface, while the legs are made from aluminium. The rounded detailing of this desk can be also found in the accessory that is available for it – a container with three drawers. Office Desks

Design Xcetera Desk from Recycled Materials

Design for the home office desk. Can also to computer desks for children.

Designed by Basten Leijh, of Bieijh concepts & design, the Xcetera Desk is made from recycled wood and has recyclable steel components. A big “X” marks the two ends of the desk and all the lines of Xcetera are rounded once they reach a corner.

WA Office Desk by Piero Lissoni and Marc

An entire range of furniture can be linked to this desk, creating an office design where the owner can play with shapes anytime, rearranging how it all looks. Ergonomic accessories called “soft parts” soften the interface between the user and the work surface.

Designers Piero Lissoni and Marc Krusin created a very versatile desk for Knoll International. The word “Wa” means harmony and this is exactly what the desk represents.

Bureau Home Office Desk Design

Home Office DeskBureau home office desk design is minimalist and versatile.

Office Desks
Designer Martin Holzapfel created a desk that is both a work surface and a series of shelves, depending on the owner`s desire. Many things like files and folders, books, office supplies, can be hidden inside the desk. It has a beautiful grey colour and it`s not very pretentious, so it fits perfectly in a home office.

Office Desk: Kinzo Air Table Futuristic

Office DesksOffice desk design with futuristic shapes that are not easily bored.

Kinzo Architecture played with futuristic shapes to give this particular desk its form and visual appeal. An angular design gives it the appearance of a minimalist space ship. Sharp edges and a clean design, combined with the purity of white, gives the Kinzo Air Table its charm. Equipped with a hole for cables, the desk works as a single piece or it can double to become two desks.

Elegant Design and Contemporary Office Desk

Home Office DeskThis design also called Aura Desk. design an elegant and contemporary office desk that was designed by Alexander Petrov.

Desk Furniture
The Aura Desk is made from a bend surface which goes right underneath the desk, supporting the three drawers. The pale yellow goes beautifully with the aluminium accessories.

Omega Desk is Minimalist and Modern Design

desksMinimalist desk design, simple and modern. Design desk can also be placed in your office space.

Atomare architecture and design created the Omega Desk from one single piece of bend surface. The two colours that compose the beauty of the desk are white and orange. It has two storage spaces underneath for storing things but the minimalist design doesn`t quite take any interference with clutter.

Slimdesk: Functional Design Desk

Table design simple and functional as well.

Designer Manuelsaez turned an idea into a functional and sleek desk design. The top surface retracts to reveal storage space, instead of having drawers in which to keep things. A power strip and USB ports are hidden in one of the hollow legs. Simply beautiful, the desk makes up for the lack of drawers with ingenious features.

Desk and Chair Design for Small Spaces

Desk and chair minimalist design for small spaces. Simple and unique design desk can be folded into a box

This is a desk that I`m proud of. It comes from MTI Impex, a Romanian based furniture developer. It looks like a cube that can be opened to reveal a desk and a chair. Perfect for small spaces, the Hideaway Desk and Chair is made from solid wood and has a beautiful, natural colour.

Computer Desk Design Beamer Wilkins

Beamer Wilkins designs computer desk with a decorative doll king kong.

Name: Beamer Wilkins
Location: Austin, TX
Office: 1000 sq feet
Living Space: 400 sq feet.

Beamer Wilkins is the owner of the San Jose and Austin network of programming companies under the banner of TRNSFR, a ridiculously admirable accomplishment at the age of just 25. But we're equally as impressed with his Austin home office setup, which includes a couple desktop workspaces which integrate his obvious obsession of vinyl collectibles with his home tech equipment, including a myriad of music and computer toys all shown below...

Beamer's living room space

No real rigs. Just obsession with hiding wires. I'm a zip-tie magician. The only real "rig" on my current home setup (MacBook Pro, 23" cinema display) is moving one of the overhead shelves beneath the desk to hold all my business so the desk can look nice 'n clean.

Beamer notes he's moved to a new office in downtown San Jose with a smaller 1,100 square feet, but with similar organization and layout, a temporary loft until he finds a place to purchase to live/work for his business.

Thanks to Beamer for allowing to share this peek inside his previous work space, and we look forward to seeing what he does with his future space.

Desk Computer [Via]

Drawer Bag | Functional Desk Designs by Jung-Ah Kimoleh

Functional table design with simple and minimalist design.

With its funny name, the Drawer Bag is a beautiful desk that has 3 spaces for drawers which have been replaced with briefcases. Designer Jung-Ah Kim concocted this concept of a desk with pieces that you can take home. Unusual to say the least, it does look like something I would want in my home.

K Workstation Unique Computer Desk Design

Computer desk designs unique and cool. Modern and simple design desk.

MisoSoup are the creators of this space saving home office design. Named K Workstation, the desk is made from a single strip of curved wood that wraps up on the wall and transforms into shelves. Perfect for crowded spaces, the desk uses little space but looks gorgeous. The bamboo from which it is made of gives this desk sustainability and elegance of curvature.

Office Desk Design is Simple and Modern Design

Desk design is simple and modern. Desk is minimalist with a color that can be adjusted.

Dutch designers Dick Spierenburg and Karel Boonzaaijer have come up with this desk design that separates the working space with the help of colourful screens. The storage space, also colourful, contrasts with a manager`s work day and helps ease the stress through the simple and modern design.

Parade of Homes 2011

Smart Move Design will be the designer for 2 homes in the Parade of Homes this year. We will be representing Sciuga Builders and Pigliavento Builders. The Parade of Homes will be held in Liverpool, NY in September 2011 with 10 builders participating in the event.

Alice Desk Modern Work of Wood | Office Desk

Wood desk from the dark brown color. Modern and unique table designs.

Sleek and definitely modern, the Alice Desk is designed to rotate into and out of various working positions to allow movement during the work day and to remind the person that uses it to take a break every once in a while. This is what designer Lucas Saule thinks about the Alice: “It removes you from the real world time frame, allowing you to free yourself of worries and distractions.”

Messy Desk Simple Learning

Design table for a simple learning

A messy desk is not always a bad thing. Especially if the desk itself has a messy design that makes it stand out and put a smile on your face. The Messy Desk looks like a cubic sculpture, but it does what it`s supposed to: offer a support for your writing, reading and other business related actions. Isn`t it pretty?

Hexa Sophisticated Design Office Desk

Cool office desk designs. Suitable for you who like simple.

A desk with a hexagonal form will surely attract all the attention wherever it is placed. With a glass surface supported by an ultra-light carbon honeycomb framework, Can Yalman‘s Hexa desk looks as if it was teleported from the future. The sophisticated design and cool shape make this desk a piece of furniture the owner can pride himself with.

Modern Office Desk Design by Philippe Stark

Full-color design computer desk. Computer desk with a color above to raise your spirit.

Colourful and pretty, this desk breaks the monotony with its undulating design and modern shape. It was designed by Philippe Stark for Vitra. Created as a single piece from polyethylene case and with a polyurethane foam coating, the Baobab Desk has a fresh image suited for offices, home offices or commercial areas.

Minimalist Desk Against the Wall by Mash Studios

Design a simple desk to a place or room is minimalist. Utilize a small space.

A simple method for space saving – the Off-the-wall Desk – was designed by MASH Studios and is part of a collection entitled The LAX Series. The desk attached to the wall makes legs useless and gives an alternative for small spaces. It also looks great and has a sliding part that hides the drawers.

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