Monterey :: Sailboats

Sailboats in the bay...taken during our trip to Monterey, CA.

Monterey :: Beach

Pictures taken at Pebble Beach & Monterey Shoreline Park.
Monterey, CA

Monterey :: Various

A few random things that caught my eye walking around Monterey, CA

normally not accustomed to seeing squirrels on the beach,
but this fella was definitely not afraid of people.

Monterey :: Flowers

Loved these little guys that I found along the shoreline walk in Monterey, CA.

Monterey :: Cannery Row

Pictures taken walking around Cannery Row.
Monterey, CA

Feng Shui in the Home

Feng shui can get quite in depth, however the basics are easy to follow. Color is something that gives a room a new energy. In Feng shui, there are five color elements. They include wood, water, metal, earth, and fire. Wood promotes development and creativity in the home. Metal creates attention and energy in a space. Earth represents the stability of a home, fire represents energy and passion, and water shows wealth and promotes communication. Earth is light yellow or beige. It is to be used in the northeast part of the home or the southwest. Then there is metal which is white and gray. It is to be used in the west and northwest part of the home. Water is blue and black. It is for the north part of the home. Wood is brown and green. It is for the east and southeast parts of the home. Feng shui has many categories and elements to it. The key is to bring in color and light into your home to make it a better place and make you happier and healthier!


5 Minute Thunderstorm Photo Shoot

In Middle Tennessee, you can never predict the weather.   One minutes, blue skies.   The next minute, a summer thunderstorm.    Upon arrival to our location, we were greeted with some lovely black clouds and then pouring rain and wind.   What a great subject I had....if only for 5 minutes.   

what better place to be in a thunderstorm
then under the protective arm of Daddy?

Scenes from Garden

Courtesy of the Cheekwood grounds...


Some of glass sculptor Dale Chihuly's work is currently being featured at Cheekwood.   One word:  Breathtaking.

Cheekwood Flowers

Managed to get a few flower pictures during an impromptu trip to Cheekwood, although most of the time my lens was pointing at the stunning Chihuly glass sculptures that were installed throughout the gardens.   See those pictures here.