On Location :: jump, Jump, JUMP!

Had a great time photographing this family recently.    They were looking for the traditional family and kid shots like these:

But wouldn't let me leave until I got shots like this:

or this:

How about that?   When I take pictures, I'm in "the mode"....but I found myself laughing away as these guys entertained me with their jumping and silly faces.    I'm actually contemplating the addition of a "silly face" package to my photography menu of services.     I'll let you know when it's available...

Minimalist House Design For Young Couples

This is a minimalist home design choice for newly married young couples, because it does not require a large space for both. Minimalist is a pattern of thinking, working, and way of life. This is a new perspective in viewing design as a reflection of urban life is simple really practical, lightweight, efficient, and management. I thought it would seem useful to you young couples who want to create family harmony.

But keep in mind because it is too minimalist would be boring. For that we need a few tricks to design a minimalist home to keep your room look warm. Furniture selection model should also be considered, you must be able to choose the right furniture and of course accessories for your minimalist house with elements of practical and functional which is the basic key in designing a minimalist home.

plant design in the house

Entrance to the garage minimalist home

Multifunctional space design-Living room

Some tips for designing a minimalist home is not easily bored:
  1. Selecting the right material to thicken the minimalist concept will be presented. For example, glass furniture combined with aluminum or wrought iron can you attach it in the room. This is a simple form and can make your room look chic.
  2. The selection of minimalist furniture curtain capable of supporting the impression you want to display in your room. You can try to choose a light novel blind and able to give the impression of dynamic in a minimalist room.
  3. Furniture design company with a precision which is also characteristic of minimalist architecture and furnishings. Therefore, select a table or chair is simple and without ornament. With minimal ornament, we can simplify maintenance and the room will feel more spacious.
  4. Color Selection of minimalist design and stylish furniture should be cautious, the pattern of flowers or colors that are too crowded or less suitable when combined in a minimalist home. Keep the color tone each time to add or replace furniture and furniture accessories in one room.
  5. Whether all the accessories and furniture carefully, but make sure that the room did not impress too full because it can confirm the impression of a minimalist who wants to create. For example you can set the photo frame is bigger, but in small amounts to accent the room.
Kitchen design minimalist home

Staircase design minimalist home

Living room design

Minimalist can also be combined with colored wood furnishings such as furniture dark brown or reddish brown.

On Location :: Buckle Up!

Ladies and gentlemen, at this time we ask that you please fasten your seatbelts and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments. We also ask that your seats and table trays are in the upright position for take-off.

Meet Jett:

He is all boy, dapper, precious, sweet, curious and on the go!

Meet Marc & Jennifer:

They are the parents of said dapper, precious, sweet and curious boy.  

"We are currently cruising at an altitude of 33, 000 feet at an airspeed of 400 miles per hour. The cabin crew will soon be coming around to offer you a light snack and beverage.   The inflight movie will begin shortly..."

We had fun running around in the leaves...actually, it was more like Jett running around and me and my camera trying to keep up with him.   I was so excited when slowed down enough to let me hold his hand as we walked to the next location.    Sigh...so sweet!

My favorite moment came when Jett spent some time dancing.   I mean, real Michael Jackson style stuff....the kid has skills.   Very impressive.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign. We are now crossing a zone of turbulence. Please return your seats and keep your seat belts fastened. Thank you"

I enjoyed my time with Jett and his family...we finished up the shoot just in time to avoid the rain drops that started falling.    Of course the rain drops did not stop Jett from enjoying his lolly pop treat courtesy of his new photographer buddy.

"On behalf of the crew, I’d like to thank you for flying Jett Airlines. We are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice stay at your final destination!”

On Location :: Heart Nappers

Are you ready to have your heart stolen?

These two precious children stole MY heart recently during a photo shoot I did for their family.    And even though I didn't speak their language, they had no problems whatsoever posing for my camera.   They recently came to the US from the Ukraine through a wonderful journey of adoption.   I've had the privilege of following the story of how their Mama and Papa prayed for, prepared for and anticipated their arrival into the family.    It was so incredible to follow them each day after arriving to Ukraine and seeing how God led them to their children!!   So, it was an incredible honor to be the first to officially photograph them!!   Thank you Jeff & Sheila for that....and please thank the kids for being so great during the "ochen" (many) pictures.

For more shots of these sweet kiddos, please click here.

proud papachka
mamachka and her sweet girl

Japanese Minimalist Design Unique House

This is a minimalist modern home design. big house with a minimalist interior design.

Japanese House with Minimalist Interior Design

Japanese design is simple and unique House, with multifunctional and effective home to find all these aspects of contemporary and ultra modern. The house is named C 1 house. It was conceived by innovative architect Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity, and Tomoyuki Ustumi of milligrams Studio. House C1 is essentially a glass box, natural wood floors and details adding an organic warmth to the room expressed purely by way of zig-zag. [Via]

Queens Park House in Sydney with Garden Design

Home designs Queens Park House in Sydney:
Dominating with white, white house looks very clean and luxurious. MCK architect has completed the project to remodel Queens Park House in Sydney, Australia.
The main concept of this white house is a room connected to the park. This concept is derived from the idea of openness and the elimination of divisions and barriers. The most important is the interior will extend into and become part of the park, such as going to the garden will be part of the interior. Early vision in the conceptual stage is one of the sitting room which is situated between lush plants and trees with a garden wall as a wall of the room.
By the time the garden will grow thicker and taller and contribute to the urban scale and provide an oasis for the owners. This house is very friendly environment with good solar access and lots of ventilation.
Home design interior

Visit the website MCK Architects - here.

On Location :: Beautiful is....

I believe beauty comes from within...
but every once in awhile, it's nice to play dress up.  

Check out the latest photo session from AFH.   We call this the "Glam, Bam, Thank You Ma'am" package.  
Styling and Makeup by Fariba Zakeri 

Have you been wanting to play dress up?   Let AFH & Fariba Zakeri put a theme photo shoot together for you.    Contact AFH for more information...

Classic Minimalist House Design by Architect Chris Cobb

Minimalist home designs

Display is quite interesting house with a classic wood. Minimalist house normally never use wood for their walls, but Eva Street Residence are different, very unique design wooden houses. Minimalist house has a beautiful interior, with wood texture that creates a warm feel. Walls, floors and kitchen are made of wood composition. And the results of this project is a classic minimalist home. Eva Street Residence, located in Austin, Texas was designed by American architect Chris Cobb.
Classic interior design

Chris Cobb admitted that the biggest challenge of this project is also one of the greatest assets, a beautiful 150-year old oak tree that stood directly in the middle of the build-able property. Instead of cutting down, the house was built in a strong relationship with trees, protect homeowners without making them strangers in their neighborhood.
Staircase design classic

The solution is to create a multi-storey volume has strained the dynamic interaction of different heights involved and interact with trees, and slipping under the canopy which is defined by its outreaching branches. The house was dressed in weathering Brazilian Redwood siding and corrugated steel, which adds scale, texture, and the unification of the house with views of the surrounding area, while at the same time soften the geometry, sharp crisp structure. Wood cladding extends to the inside of the house, which is also defined by a dark brown bamboo floors, clean white walls, carefully custom made cabinets, and clean detail.


Design House Brings Green to Misa

Started by David Wax and his partner Ben Uyeda, FreeGreen is making green home designs free for everyone. 2005's Solar Decathlon blew us away, but we are fascinated by the amazing Solar House from Cornell University. This team brought home a beautiful zero-energy to the mall in Washington, DC, and has just launched ZeroEnergy Design, home design firm focused on zero-energy design. Continuing their momentum as green home design teacher, two of the Cornell Solar Decathlon team has just launched a new effort that aims to bring green design to the masses through a special innovative business model called FreeGreen.
FreeGreen provides a selection of green home design for free, with a variety of styles from traditional to modern. While the basic design for free, homeowners can take the process further and customize their designs with the cost (and very reasonable) extra. The cost of the design process, and free house plan, kept to a minimum through partnerships between FreeGreen and green building products manufacturer - paid placement from product manufacturers.

As homeowners consult with FreeGreen to design customized, they are introduced to healthy, energy efficient, sustainable products that sponsor FreeGreen's eco-companies. This is a collaborative win-win-win that introduces people to the principles of green building and products and allows consumers on any budget to have a custom-designed, green home.

In the end, FreeGreen is about providing people with options and knowledge to make decisions. Green building products are widely available, but sorting through various options, or even know where to look, is a daunting task for most new homeowners. Freegreen solving this problem by offering a very good green building consulting with little cost to the consumer. According to founder, "is the goal at FreeGreen not produce environmentally friendly home possible but rather to provide a variety of different home plans that allow people to create homes to suit their lifestyles in a responsible and fair."

FreeGreen launched this month began with several great designs including our favorite, The Loft Suburban, modern home suitable for all climates. Marked with an open floor plan and loft ceiling space, this design will be available in various sizes to meet a lot of lifestyle and landscape.

We think FreeGreen is a great idea and a wonderful way to bring information, innovation and green design options for everyone - We are very excited to announce the launch of FreeGreen "because green design should be accessible to all." [Via]

Design Services :: Custom Christmas Cards

Recently fulfilled some custom Christmas Card designs!

The first one was a birth announcement + Christmas greeting:

These precious photos in the design above were not taken by AFH. They were taken by Justin and Meredith Bufkin. Justin & Meredith are doing a "picture campaign" as fundraising to bring home their baby girl from Ethiopia. Their campaign title is "One Smile Closer." If you would like to follow them on their journey and check out all the great pictures Justin has already taken along the way, you can find them at http://onedaycloseradoption.blogspot.com/.

These were done for a recent photography client:

If you are interested in having a customized Christmas Card designed, please contact AFH.    Pre-made templates are also available for purchase!

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