Today, I'm loving

Today, I am loving this interior with the extra-long Casa Milano white linen sofa. It is actually the Parisian living room of famous and highly talented designer Paola Navone. Can you imagine sitting in a sofa like this? I think the hardest part would be getting out of it, wouldn't you agree?


At home with Muriel

As you know, I just got back from my trip to Paris. I brought back lots of pics and new crushes, but unfortunately, I also brought back with me a nasty little flu bug that kept me in bed almost all weekend :-(
So while I recover from my French cold, here is a lovely Parisian interior I discovered through Marion Alberge, a French stylist I truly admire....

Muriel lives in Porte de St Ouen, Paris. She remodeled an old apartment into a light filled open space loft. Walls have been painted white, oak floors sanded, color accents added throughout the flat. What a lovely and welcoming interior!

{Photos Cyrille Robin - Styled by Marion Alberge and Muriel Cibot}

New Week Pledge!


Hey there! I am back - but tired, jet-lagged and still unpacking. I am glad this is weekend time... I will be able to catch up on sleep and family time. I will see you back here on Monday, fresh and ready! Have a fantastic weekend my dear! Xo, Si-


On my way back from Paris...

So long Paris, au revoir! As always, it breaks my heart to say goodbye to you but as much I am in love with you, I miss my loved ones. They say "home is where your heart is", and I have to agree with that statement more than ever. But I will be back. I will, as you always have that same effect on me. Just like a lover. I love you, Paris. Take care. A bientot. Xo, Si-

Photo Petr MaĊĦek


Alain Delon, 1962 - photo by Jack Garofalo

weekend in Paris!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend my dear! Mine shouldn't be too bad, I am in Paris! More pictures of my whereabouts here! Xo, Si-

Photo Jean Berton

Au revoir!

Today is departure day! I am beyond excited, no need to say. And because I can not take you with me [*sigh*], I will try to keep in touch through the FrenchByDesign Facebook page with freshly taken pictures that I upload whenever I get an internet signal. But I also prepared in advance a few blog posts for you - all around the theme of Paris and traveling - so be sure to check back here regularly while I am gone. As you know, I have a thing for old pics, so be prepared for some cool shots of Paris I gathered for you. That way, you'll somehow be traveling with me.
I will miss you, truly. But I'll back soon with lots of pictures to share with you and fully charged with creative interior design ideas. I promise. Bises - one on each cheek, the French way ;-) - , Si-

Photo Allan Grant, 1950

Wednesday Special Treat : L'Envol

Beautiful ad spot by BETC Euro RSCG ad agency, called l'Envol [transl. "Take Off"]... Beautiful music is Mozart Piano Concerto Adagio n23, choreography by Angelin Prejlocaj.
Oh, Paris, here I come!


* Making the sky the best place on earth

Rug statement

Loving these interiors with ethnic chic rugs that make a strong and bold statement. Love it, love it, love it [so much actually that I added a pic* of my own entryway, just for you!]

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Martin Luther King Day 2012

Hello new week!

Hello there and happy Monday! No need to say that I am super excited about this week because I am packing for Paris. At the same time, the travel bug hit me so I am super busy finishing my long list of to-dos before departure. I won't complain though. Being super busy because Paris is awaiting for me is not such a b****, is it? Wishing you a happy and productive Monday! Xo, Si-


I ♥ weekend!

Oh, the cold is back! We got so spoiled so far this winter with a very clement weather that it's hard to get used to winter temperatures, and I shouldn't complain, it's only in the mid 40s [4℃]... This weekend, not too much action on my end. Loungewear, hot tea and enjoying family time with my girls and my man before my Paris trip. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Stay warm! Xo, Si-


Raw beauty

In love with these raw beauties. Simple, understated, so pure, you almost can feel and smell the wood and rusted metal. This is bliss.

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High five, it's friday!


Paris, j'arrive!

In less than a week, I will be in Paris! I can hardly contain my excitement... I will be busy with work, but I won't lie, I will have fun too! Unfortunately, I am not sure I will be internet connected at all times, so I don't plan on posting much while I am there [I will update my Facebook page with freshly taken pictures whenever I find a decent internet signal] but don't expect regular postings. Rest assured I will catch up with you when I'm back [I'll tell you all about my Maison & Objets 2012 exhibition discoveries and product crushes!]. Oh, Paris, I am coming, and I can hardly wait to see you! Xo, Si


Today, I'm loving...

I love this pic and everything on it. Special crush on the distressed leather belts used as magazine pile makers. I had seen the idea of organizing piles of books or magazines with canvas or heavy duty straps, but never with rescued belts. Cool recycling idea. While we're at it, this wallpaper is growing on me [on one wall maybe in an all white room!], and no need to say that I love the wall storage cubbies. Great styling!


Winter blues cure: color!

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Sign-off time for me, my dear! Wishing you a relaxing and cosy weekend; stay warm and comfy! Xo, Si-

Photo A. Brusaferri

Sneak peek! New e-shop items coming...

Busy as a bee this morning preparing a shop update with some seriously cool vintage finds : organize, organize and organize are the key words here with a few very original storage pieces about to hit the shop. Here is a sneak peek, just for ya'. Should be on the French By Design e-shop by the end of the day today... Speaking of which, can you believe it's already the end of the week? whew... that one went by so fast! Happy friday, my dear! Xo, Si-

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