Oh, hello and happy new year!

I am still enjoying some time off with my loved ones but wanted to stop by to say hello and more importantly to wish you a happy new year 2012. I have a good feeling about this coming year. I really do. Hope 2012 brings you everything you want and more. See you next year my dear dear reader!
Xo, Si-

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Blog break

Hello you! I'll be taking some days off to spend some family time and recharge my creative batteries. So sit back, relax and enjoy browsing through the archives of the blog. I may stop by to say hello here, on the Facebook page or on Twitter. If I miss you, then I will see you in 2012! Thank you for this wonderful year together. You've made this blog so special and a really special place for me. Merci and see you back soon! Xo, Si-


Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noel my dear! I hope Santa treats you like a queen {or a king if you are one of my male readers} because you deserve it. A lot. I mean it.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a weekend full of sparkles! Xo, Si-


Bonjour, handsome!


House Tour : Mélanie + 2

Mélanie, founder of Simple Kids, a seriously cool online kids clothing store, fell in love with this Anvers, Belgium, house when she found out that all original details had been preserved : vintage mirrors, wooden parquet floors, large windows, high ceilings and extra bonus, lots of open space. After some renovations - check out the gorgeous wooden floors that were stripped and left in their natural hue - Mélanie added some colors and texture thanks to the treasures she brought back from her numerous travels. I am loving the ethnic touches here and there that give this home a true personality. Love, love, love. Love.


Thursday special treat : the Life of a Bauble

Oh, my heart skipped a beat for this short by filmmaker Leigh Johnson who makes us imagine life as... a Christmas ornement... I won't say more. That would spoil the fun. So to speak. To all those baubles out there doing their job, Merry Christmas, and thank you!


Tuesday Mix

Some pictures I've had on my style moodboard lately... Hope you like them!

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Oh la la, j'aime...

Yes, you were expecting a desk picture, as most Mondays. But not this Monday. Because this week, school is off and the holiday vibe hit the house [insert "falalala" background melody]. As we're getting ready to build gingerbread houses and prepare sablés de Noel with the girls, I am loving this all concrete kitchen - special crush on the wine totems on the back wall. I could cook like a pro in there. Seriously.




Wishing you a relaxing and cosy weekend. See you back here on Monday! Xo, Si-

Photo A. Brusaferri

It's Friday, we shall dance!


Today, I am loving...

Today, I am loving this small bedroom full of great storage ideas - because not everyone sleeps in a master bedroom or lives in a 3500-square-foot house. This bedroom achieves a minimalist look, yet it is part of a 25 square meter flat - [270 ft²] in the heart of Paris. If you look closer, you'll notice that the bed disappears in the wall if needed [so fully extended it's a bed, half hidden, it becomes a day bed, and fully in, it's an empty space!], thanks to a raised floor behind the added drywall that stores what's not to be seen. Proof that creativity and ingenuity are what's important in interior design [and that architects and interior designers can really make wonders - this space is the work of Double G agency in Paris]. Brilliant!

Photo Andre Thoraval

More of Jacqueline Morabito...

Remember my post a few months back about photographer Martin Morrell? Well, it turns out that the interior I had a crush on and showed you some pictures of was no less than Jacqueline Morabito's interior design work. While browsing through my Cote Sud magazine, I instantly recognized the shots from Martin Morell. Same house, same vibe. So I could not resist showing you again this house located near Vence, France, with some more details of Jacqueline Morabito's distinctive style. Oh, this is beauty, pure beauty.

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Oh la la, j'aime...

This desk area in an entryway spotted on the latest Milk magazine. What a cool setting of vintage finds mixed with modern design pieces! There's actually nothing I don't like here. Absolutely nothing.
I am in love. Really.



Weekend, yay! What's your plan? Christmas shopping, baking, relaxing, yard cleaning, or just grabbing a good book by the fireplace? We will be celebrating Maya's birthday tomorrow, so Saturday will be a busy one and Sunday will be spent recovering from it and spending some good family time. Have a fabulous weekend! Xo, Si-


Today, I'm loving...

Today, I am loving this bedroom, all dressed up in white but with the "Orange Hermès" color accents. What a clever idea to reuse Hermès packaging boxes as photo storage files [and how lucky to be able to have purchased so many items from Hermès, one of my favorite French luxury brands].
Let's not mention the Haussmannian features of the bedroom: high ceiling, wooden wall moldings and chevron wooden floors. Bliss. Just pure bliss.

Photo Jean Marc Palisse - via

More Holiday DIY projects: gift wrapping!

Whether you're a really crafty person or just a DIY beginner, you can save a lot of money [and gain instant satisfaction] by customizing your gift wrapping: washi tape, kraft paper, old vintage newspapers or maps, a good dose of creativity, a few hours of your weekend and your gifts will look like they were made by a real pro, and remember the rule, the gift wrapping is just as important as its content. So have fun and happy crafting!

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At home with Kristina

Kristina Dam is a graphic designer, and one with exquisite taste. I had the chance to discover her interior by browsing through the pages of Plaza Interiör, a Swedish magazine that my other half brought me back from his latest business trip to Sweden.
Kristina's home is so colorful, happy, airy that it feels like spring in there, don't you think? I love how she used white as a "blank canvas" for all the colorful accessories she collects. And this bright yellow in the kids' room, how sunny is that! Warm days may be away for us, but in this home, it's summer all year round!

Photos Thomas Andersen - via