Staging Fixes

Problem:  large outdated furniture,  wall print too small for the space, no coversation area, awkward flow

Fix:  Rearrange furniture to create better conversation area and flow, replace small print with large print, separate furniture, add pillows and throw to distract from outdated furniture.

Problem: Bookshelves look messy, broken ottoman stored under shelf, bar and kitchen area is lost behind clutter

Fix: pack away half the toys, remove ottoman and organize bookshelves, clear bar to show the  potential of kitchen area

Problem: furniture and packed boxes stored here for moving. Area shows messy and with no purpose.

Fix: Packed boxes moved to an outside rented storage unit. Oversized and outdated kitchen set was moved downstairs to give this space purpose and free up space in the kitchen.  Stereo was removed from the over crowded living room and moved down to the family room.