Homespun :: Flip a verse book

Someone I know is turning another year older...and, unfortunately for her it happens a few days after Christmas. As if that wasn't enough, it's 1 day before the birthday of her eldest child. Bummer.

Well, I can't change those circumstances but I thought I'd try to smooth things over a bit with a home-made gift. So I buried myself away in my craft room and the following emerged:

My friend loves to receive scripture - I think more than anything else. So instead of just sticking to our traditional one birthday blessing, I came up with 38 of them! And what better way to feature 38 scriptures than in a sweet little home-made book.

Each page features different textured or patterned paper and some of them have a little bonus feature like the one above. Or this one below:

Because I ran out of twine (which is what I typically use to bind something of this nature) I scoured my bins and found some nice pliable wire. Because wire is somewhat boring on its own, I threw on a few beads. I thought that was a nice accent.

Now I don't know about you, but 4 days after Christmas, I'm TIRED of looking at rolls of wrapping paper. So...I took a blank bag and stamped a tree on it. I also purchased a CD for my friend, which I wrapped in an inside out grocery bag. I stamped that as I did the bag and now they coordinate!

I hope my friend loves this gift as much as I loved making it for her.