Staging a Vacant Home Makes a Difference

This was a vacant staging job we did for an article in our local paper.  The article came out on the cover of today's Home and Garden section in the Post Standard (May 9).  You can read the online article here (sans photos).

What the article didn't say:  We had 3 days to find a vacant home, pull the furniture and accessories together, then stage the home. On staging day, the "before" photo shoot was at 10:30 a.m., the "after" photo shoot was at 3:15 p.m. leaving us less than 5 hours to stage a vacant 1500 sf, 4 bedroom home from top to bottom!  A downpour during the move, airbeds that wouldn't stay up, last minute paint fixes, a few minor repairs, all the while neighbors, realtors, and clients decided to come through unexpectedly to look at the home made for a crazy (but exciting) day. 
This home was on the market for 30 days prior to staging. The seller received an offer within a week of staging and the home is sold!

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