Minimalist House Design, Just an Idea, Trend, or More Than Necessary?

Minimalist house design, just an idea, trend, or more than necessary? Minimalist style is now a favorite building in the metropolis. General speaking, this model is easily found in public housing, from low-income housing to luxury housing, or in the interior design of a cafe or an office building. The first looks like a uniform, but with detail added to make people know that each home reflects the owner.

Minimalist is a mindset, work, and lifestyle. A new vantage point in viewing design as a reflection of urban lifestyle, which is usually simple, practical, dynamic, and efficient. Creation of architectural buildings, including modern minimalist house, is the choice for form of architecture, born from culture and needs. Not only follow the trend recently.

For that reason, modern minimalist house is equipped with more tangible characteristics, a simple shape and design of geometric space, strong with the empty spaces are minimalist in ornaments and furniture. Selected furniture has multiple functions to accommodate the needs of all family members. Design principle is simple enough so that the quality of design and function space available should be more fit.

But the frequently asked question that usually arises is whether a modern minimalist home should be a simple compartment or any other form? The answer is a form of minimalist modern homes do not have to follow the form of simple or simple geometric compartments. If the house that only needs a simple compartment, it means that the simple compartment is the result of a process of function space needs, not by force or follow the trend.

And then people ask whether the parameters minimalist home means a cold feeling or impression of less fresh? Minimalist form the basis of design and also for the decoration itself. Minimalist here is based on a simple and efficient. minimalist interior is the arrangement of the interior who prefer to the functional and practical. This setting is emphasized on efficient design. Straight line, plane, crossing the surface of which is always 90 degrees, and perpendicular.

Then people are worried whether this is a minimalist design will spend a lot of money or not. The answer is relative depending on the detail of the building itself. With minimalist design, the type of materials used will be effective and efficient. Use of some materials such as wood, brick, stone, glass, or steel can also appear as an individual. The dominance of a particular material will give different effects. [via]