Photo Walk :: Snowy Day

This is my 3rd winter in Tennessee and I still find myself all geeked out about the snow.   I love the way snow accumulates on nekkid trees.  

 I love the way it looks on pine cones.   

I love the way it looks on pine needles

I love the sound of it falling on the dead oak leaves that are still on the trees.   Or how sometimes you can catch a little melty droplet

I love the look of it on anything after freshly falling.  

The front grill of hubby's truck.  

These pictures were all taken on my property after a pretty big snow (for us anyway).   I had to really challenge myself to find "interesting" content around my house.   If I had better snow gear, I may have been a little more active in my it was, I had 3 grocery bags duck-taped around my sneakers.   

Hey, I'm from California...give me a break.  And anyway, it worked really really well (thanks Ms. Julie)

Why don't you start to challenge yourself to find the "interesting" in the everyday things around you...

Stay warm,

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