Mistakes we do on Decoration

 the art of decoration varies widely from person to another and from one society to another...... 
the good design is the basis for any successful art work integrated driven by the ability of the designer to develop the culture and capacity in the service of interior design or decoration, and address some of the corresponding Mfalt in terms of area or places of lighting and ventilation, which is an important factor in the exploitation of the best possibilities..............here is some mistake we full in while we decorate our homes1-don't put the art frames or big photos up on the wall that will make normal tall people cant see it  the perfect high for any frames will put on the wall its 160 cm.but if there is more than one piece then you put the big on the normal high then the other higher its okay 2-dont use small piece alone on a big wall at least 3 together in the same level .or use just one big piece 
3-do not over do it when it comes to furniture ,dont use big pices on small places simple furnture and modern will be perfect in this case ,small apartment dont need a big chair and sofa no it need just a little small important stuff to get the idea and that is it .