Au revoir!

Today is departure day! I am beyond excited, no need to say. And because I can not take you with me [*sigh*], I will try to keep in touch through the FrenchByDesign Facebook page with freshly taken pictures that I upload whenever I get an internet signal. But I also prepared in advance a few blog posts for you - all around the theme of Paris and traveling - so be sure to check back here regularly while I am gone. As you know, I have a thing for old pics, so be prepared for some cool shots of Paris I gathered for you. That way, you'll somehow be traveling with me.
I will miss you, truly. But I'll back soon with lots of pictures to share with you and fully charged with creative interior design ideas. I promise. Bises - one on each cheek, the French way ;-) - , Si-

Photo Allan Grant, 1950