On Location :: Wedding Bells

My journey as a photographer has been a rewarding one...not only do I get to do something that I am extremely passionate about, but I also get to meet new people.    During my time as a photographer, I have turned down a handful of requests to do weddings.   The reason?  TOO MUCH PRESSURE!   A wedding day has many special moments...moments that really can't be duplicated.   What if missed one of those special moments?   That first kiss, the cake smush, the bouquet toss.  

Recently, I received a request from a couple that I have alot of respect and admiration for.   The request was to be their "personal photographer" during the wedding of their daughter.    Not to replace or even supplement the real wedding photographer....just someone to tag along, be their shadow and capture moments, details and people for them.     At first, I was reluctant - I still felt like it was too much pressure.   

But I'm starting to realize that you have to push yourself in order to grow.     Sometimes pushing yourself means you have to do stuff afraid.   For me, my faith in God allows me to draw on strength beyond my own.  In addition, I have special people in my life that support me, loan me equipment and give me the "Eye of the Tiger" speech when I need it (y'all know who ya are!).

I survived and enjoyed my day as a "personal photographer to the parents of the bride" (except for the extreme blistering on my feet from my cheap shoes)....here are some of my personal "detail" favorites from the day.   ENJOY!

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