On Location :: Heart Nappers

Are you ready to have your heart stolen?

These two precious children stole MY heart recently during a photo shoot I did for their family.    And even though I didn't speak their language, they had no problems whatsoever posing for my camera.   They recently came to the US from the Ukraine through a wonderful journey of adoption.   I've had the privilege of following the story of how their Mama and Papa prayed for, prepared for and anticipated their arrival into the family.    It was so incredible to follow them each day after arriving to Ukraine and seeing how God led them to their children!!   So, it was an incredible honor to be the first to officially photograph them!!   Thank you Jeff & Sheila for that....and please thank the kids for being so great during the "ochen" (many) pictures.

For more shots of these sweet kiddos, please click here.

proud papachka
mamachka and her sweet girl