Ode to Love

Pure beauty from Le Maitre, Mr. Serge Gainsbourg.


The Drowned by Serge Gainsbourg, 1970

You’re drifting away
On the river of memory
And I’m running along on the bank
Shouting at you to come back
But slowly, you slip away
And in your frantic race
Little by little, I recover over you
Some of the lost ground

From time to time you sink
Into the moving liquid
Or else, brushing past some rambles
You hesitate and wait for me
Hiding your face
Inside your upturned dress
For fear of being disfigured by both shame and regrets

You’re now nothing but a poor wreck
Carrion floating by
But I remain your slave
And jump into the brook
When the memory stops
And the ocean of forgetfulness
Breaking our hearts and heads
Forever makes us one again.