Easy DIY : Pimp your old cupboard!

Yeah, I know, that old plain chest of drawers or cupboard you have stored somewhere [mine is collecting dust in the garage] that you can't seem to donate or sell because you know it can have a second life, you just don't know which life it is, but somewhere, there must be... Look no more, these are 3 easy options for pimping up that old plain piece of furniture and get the instant "wow, did you do this?" effect we all love about DIY projects. So grab an old tee shirt and your brushes, and get ready to pimp up your old cupbaord, 2012 version!

Update it with the 2012 Pantone color :
Tangerine Tango

Unleash the Picasso in you and play
with your brush, à la Jackson Pollock!

Chalkboard paint {again!}, but then, once it's painted,
have fun with the chalk and write your favorite poem
or a paragraph of your favorite book.

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